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Admission for 2022-23

Admission Open for PP-I to 12th Class (Non-Medical, commerce & Humanities)

School Motto

‘Making Learning as easy as Breathing’

Our Vision

1.       To make our students self-dependent by inculcating in them a passion for their lifelong learning, compassion and respect for others and a set of requisite skills and qualities so that they can make a positive contribution to society.

2.       2. To visualize the sense of completeness in all walks of life among our students to be considered as the gems of the modern society.

Whole Campus under CCTV Surveillance

Enjoy and Achieving

We are proud of the quality of opportunities available to our students in such activities as music, Sports, drama, debate and travel.

House System

The House system occupies a prominent position in the field of co-curricular activities. Every student is allotted a particular House at the time of admission. It helps the students to learn SELF-DISCIPLINE, DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP, and LOYALITY & BELONGINGNESS to the Institution. The school is presently divided into four houses:

1.       KARAM                                2. DHEY                                 3.VIVEK                                                4. SHAURYA

The School Library:

The Library offers students the opportunity to engage with high quality resources within a well –supported environment, providing structured teaching and learning open access independent study and for extra-curricular activities. Students can browse over 10000 items including an extensive book stock, CDs, DVDs, daily newspapers and magazines for every subject. Library staff is on hand throughout the day to assist students in their work and students are encouraged to use library facilities.


Knowledge at T.G.E.P.S is not simply a transmission by teachers to all children but it is learnt through regular exposure to practical experiences in the laboratories where scientific theories are tested by the students themselves through scientific methods and processes. The labs exposure encourages the interests & skills of observation, analysis and critical thinking among the students.

The school has fully equipped separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computers, Languages, Math and Geography.

 Educational Trips:-

The process of learning not only confined up to books and classrooms but it also require to the outdoor destinations to make the overall process interesting and result-oriented. So, our school organizes excursions to different places like Historical Buildings, Monuments, Hill Stations, Museums and Amusement Parks. In this way students learn with fun in the company of their teachers and friends.


The school has a fleet of buses manned by experienced and trained drivers and conductors, GPS enabled safe transport system with a fleet of buses. The smooth playing of the vehicles is managed by Transport In charge. School provides ‘door to door’ transport facility.

Games, Sports & Yoga

The school strongly promotes health, fitness and sportsmanship by encouraging team games and individual sporting prowess. Teams for Cricket, Skating, Table-Tennis, Yoga, Taekwondo, Badminton etc. have competitions within school and are entered for external and leagues in which they are very successful.